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Contact Kathryn Clarke Foundation For Accident Victim Support In Peterborough

"Never Say Never"

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A Few Words From People We've Inspired 

''Today I was really blessed by meeting this truly inspirational lady, keep reaching for those stars Kathryne anything is possible.''

Dawn Bingham

''Had the pleasure of having the lovely Kathryn Clarke in for her usual session of reflexology today. Kathryn is an extremely brave woman who is an excellent example of someone overcoming adversity and persevering through with a smile.''

Niamh Gallogly Podiatry

''I have just heard your story on the Radio 5 phone in, and I wanted to just say, wow! What a story, and how proudly your husband spoke of you, your strength, and your determination. You are an inspiration.''

Sara Palmer

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Contact Kathryn Clarke Foundation

If you're looking for accident victim support services, please get in touch with the Kathryn Clarke Foundation in Peterborough to discover more about our work and how we can help support you. Kathryn hopes to spread as much awareness as possible through ongoing and future events and to provide you with the information that she has found. Kathryn hopes that she will be able to help you with support, through talking about your similar struggles.

If you would like to get in contact for more information about the foundation and the bespoke products you can buy, please use the handy contact form.

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Find out more about accident victim support that Kathryn has set up in Peterborough by sending us an email at

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