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Looking For A Support Network In Peterborough? Kathryn Clarke Foundation Is Here For You

"Never Say Never"

Kathryn Clarke has defied medical odds and now hopes to be able to help others through the Kathryn Clarke Foundation. Kathryn has learnt the hard way that your life can be turned upside down in a split second. With her incredibly positive attitude, she hopes to help other people in similar situations to overcome their fears. The Kathryn Clarke Foundation in Peterborough is here as a support network, so that people who have faced similar trauma in life can reach out and feel heard. 

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About Kathryn Clarke And Her Amazing Story

In 2011, Kathryn Clarke had a serious road traffic accident, causing her non-life sustainable brain and neck injuries. However, after months of treatment and rehabilitation she has set up the Kathryn Clarke Foundation, promising to raise awareness of the battle towards recovery that road crash victims go through. After being in an induced coma, she feared she would be left with quadriplegia (locked in syndrome) and be unable to breathe on her own. It was as a result of this experience, that Kathryn Clarke Foundation was set up, in order to provide an emotional support network to others in similar situations. In addition to this, Kathryn has started planning and organising special events and focusing on creativity, to channel a positive outlook for herself. You can purchase some of the beautiful creations that Kathryn has made through our shop.

If you view the shop page, you will be able to see the different jewellery, wrist bands and ornamental leaves that Kathryn has poured her care and attention into. Kathryn has demonstrated her true resilience and determined nature by remaining positive after overcoming many struggles, both physically and mentally. The Kathryn Clarke Foundation has been set up as a support network for people who find themselves in similar circumstances.

Kathryn Clarke sitting on a scooter
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“I set up the Kathryn Clarke Foundation because I wanted to raise awareness of how people can struggle and have difficulties getting back into daily life when they have something like this happen to them.”

“It can have an impact on your mental health too and sometimes you just need a friend to be there for you, I want to be that friend and be a help.''

Kathryn Clarke

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If you're interested in finding out more about the emotional support network that Kathryn has set up in Peterborough, then please drop us an email at

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